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Become a Full-Stack Developer

ASP.NET Core is an open source and cross-platform framework for building Web UIs and APIs. Learn about middleware, web components, tag helpers and forms to create modular applications using ASP.NET Core MVC.

Course Detail


.NET Fundamental, Core Fundamental, OOPS with C# (Abstract Class, Interface and Partial Class).


SQL Query, Normalization, Star Schema, OLTP, OLAP, Indexes and Performance, Stored Procedure, SQL Server Agent, Pivot and Unpivot etc.


LINQ Fundamentals, What is Entity Framework, EDMX Context Model, Custom validation, POCO Class, Implement Code First etc.

Introduction to HTML

Tags, Elements and Attributes, Getting Started with Bootstrap 4, Images, List, Tables, Button and Cards


MVC Fundamentals, MVC Forms and Validation, LINQ+ Entity Framework Core (Code First Approach),MVC Pipeline and Security.

Web Api

Getting started with W EB API, Web API Fundamentals, RESTful Services, Advanced Concepts.

Typescript And Javascript

Why Typescript need to learn for angular, IIFE etc. Cover overview.

Angular Detail

Angular Fundamental, Angular Component, Forms and Validation in Angular and more.

Angular Advance Concept

RxJS fundamentals, state management with RxJS,Angular services, observables.

Angular Opptimization Technique

In detail Optimization technique, Angular NgRx, Angular Unit Testing (Jasmin and Karma).

Angular with MVC Core (Dot NET)

Single page application with web api..